Who is going from Chile to the climate summit in Dubai and what will be their roles

COP28 will take place from November 30 to December 12 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Startups, large companies, NGOs, academics and the government are part of the delegations that will be present at COP28, which begins this November 30. The Foreign Ministry leads the delegation.The first Global Balance on progress in climate change will be the main objective of COP28, the most important climate summit of the year, which this time will be held from November 30 to December 12 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. What will be Chile’s role and what sectors will travel to the Middle East for the event? Although representatives of the State, the private sector, organizations and academics will attend, the official organization of the activities is led by the Division of Environment, Climate Change and Ocean of the Foreign Ministry (DIMA). Our country has a prominent role. In fact, the current presidency of the COP (every year it changes depending on where it is held), asked Chile and Australia for support to lead the ministerial consultations on the so-called Climate Adaptation Agenda, an issue that will be led by the Minister of the Environment. Environment, Maisa Rojas.Our country has also been present in priority issues of the negotiations, such as in the areas of mitigation and finance. “Chile’s negotiating team goes to this COP determined to promote to the rest of the world a faster transition from current emission levels towards carbon neutrality by mid-century, while continuing to strengthen the country’s position on key issues, such as the care of the oceans, among others,” comments Julio Cordano, head of Chile’s negotiating team at COP28 and director of Environment, Climate Change and Oceans of the Foreign Ministry, the entity that is in charge of the Chile Pavilion, which will have a series of parallel events in the Blue Zone of the COP venue. The issue is not minor if one considers the presence of more than 30 thousand delegates from all over the world at the summit. The DIMA has a delegation made up of representatives of the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Environment, Energy, Finance, Agriculture and Economy, in addition to the participation of young negotiators selected after the competition led by the Foreign Ministry. Chile will also be part of the launch of climate action initiatives such as the “Climate Club”, which our country co-leads with Germany. This body promotes international collaboration in emissions reductions in the industrial sector (steel and cement). Various groupsAnother public sector entity that is also organizing a delegation is ProChile. It selected 15 Chilean companies through a public call to be part of its mission in the United Arab Emirates, sharing the solutions they have developed to face the effects of the climate crisis. Most of them are part of an important group of startups. Among them are Herco Equipments, specialized in the reuse of parts for mining machinery; Kilimo, dedicated to saving water in agricultural irrigation; Instacrops, a specialist in hardware and software development for agriculture, and Bioelements, which produces sustainable bioplastic. The others are Remote Waters, Aintech, Reborn Electric Motors, Photio, Lader Energy, Reciclapp, T Phite, Suncast, Rudanac, Drovid and Mercado Circular.“We are proud of the development that this type of solutions has had in our country, showing a strengthening and growth of our exportable offer, based on a public-private impulse. This mission is diverse and decentralized, and 40% of it are companies led by women,” comments María Pilar Jiménez, head of the Inclusive Export Development Department of ProChile, who will also be at COP28. For his part, Ignacio Parada, CEO of Bioelements, indicates: “We will explain how our proposals have transformed the way in which packaging is conceived and produced, and how they have an impact not only on the reduction of waste, but also on the promotion of actions that nourish microorganisms and strengthen the environment.” As on other occasions, a series of specialists and protagonists related to the world of climate change will participate from Chile, such as Gonzalo Muñoz, High Level Champion of COP25; Ricardo Bosshard, director of WWF Chile; Marcelo Mena, academic at the Catholic University of Valparaíso, and Camila Fernández Silva, engagement leader for Latin America and the Caribbean of the High Level Champions team. “My responsibility is to identify the initiatives, actors and goals that will contribute to the path towards COP30, which will take place in Brazil. The aim is to build a bridge between the priorities of this COP, which include the energy transition, finance, nature and inclusion, and the specific priorities of the region,” Fernández details.Likewise, several senior executives from large companies are attending. For example, Nicolás Gordon, Felipe Torres and the general manager, Francisco Ruiz-Tagle, will attend from CMPC. On Colbún’s part there will be Josefina Montero and Fiona Bello. “It is a great opportunity to learn about the major trends in decarbonization and, at the same time, share our experience in nature-based solutions as a tool for mitigation and adaptation to climate change,” comments Valentina Lira, Sustainability Manager at Viña Concha and Toro, who will also be in Dubai. Another firm that has a delegation is Latam. “It is the first time that we participate in a COP and we hope to find a space for learning and interaction with those who are leading and collaborating on the agenda to confront the climate crisis,” says Juan José Tohá, director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability of the Latam group. .Additionally, Chile will seek to continue its positioning on key issues, such as the ocean. Along these lines, together with Canada, they organize the Ocean-Climate Dialogue, which is the main space for discussion of this matter under COP28. Source: La Tercera