The Sustainable Future According to Paolo Mazza: A Circular Commitment at RetailTalks ANTAD

Have you ever imagined a world where every product you buy is reintegrated into the life cycle once you no longer need it?

New Trends in Sustainability: A Circular Vision

Paolo Mazza, sustainability visionary and strategist in reuse models, will take us on an inspiring journey through the latest sustainability trends that are shaping the world of retail and beyond. By watching his RetailTalks YouTube presentation “Exploring New Trends and Reuse Models” ( on the Circular Market channel, you will find yourself on the threshold of transformative change .

The Circular Economy in the Main Scenario

Understand how the circular economy is not just a buzzword, but a practical and effective solution that is emerging as a protagonist in reducing pollution. Paolo talks about the global regulations that are paving the way for sustainable business models and how these are starting to take shape around the world.

Reuse Models: Impact and Viability in Mexico

He delves into specific reuse models that have proven to be 100% viable in Mexico, transforming not only companies and distribution channels but also society as a whole. With Paolo, you will discover the environmental and economic impact generated by these models and how the adoption of reuse practices can significantly reduce the production of garbage, especially plastics.

A Call to Action for the Business Community

Paolo Mazza not only shares a vision; he offers a call to action. His presentation is essential for entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders seeking to integrate sustainable practices into their business strategies. Through practical examples and case studies, he demonstrates that sustainability is a lucrative and ethical path to business success.

The future is sustainable and circular, and together we can make it happen. Join us on this path towards innovation and environmental responsibility with Paolo Mazza at RetailTalks ANTAD!