Revolutionize your Business with the Refill Media Machine for Cleaning Products!

Discover how this innovative Circular Market tool can transform the management of your cleaning products with efficiency and sustainability.

In Mercado Circular, we are committed to innovative solutions that promote sustainability in companies. Today, we are proud to introduce the Refill Media Machine, an advanced tool designed to improve the management and dispensing of cleaning products.

Featured Features:

  • Capacity to dispense up to 3 products

Optimizes space and makes it easy to access multiple cleaning products in one place. This not only saves space but also improves operational efficiency by having everything you need in one place.

  • Projection screen for machine controls

An intuitive and modern interface that improves the user experience without the need for physical buttons. This screen facilitates navigation and control, making the use of the machine simple and accessible to everyone.

  • Hardware for color ticket printing

It offers detailed, high-quality tickets, perfect for tracking and transparency in operations. With this function, each dispensation is recorded clearly and professionally.

  • CCTV video camera

Integrated security to monitor and ensure correct use of the machine. The video camera provides an additional layer of security, ensuring the machine is used properly and efficiently.

  • Dashboard with statistics

Access to real-time data on the use and performance of products, allowing better decision making. This panel provides valuable information that helps optimize the operation and detect opportunities for improvement.

  • Online product inventory management

Accurate and efficient inventory control, minimizing waste and ensuring continuous product availability. With this feature, you can manage your inventory more effectively and reduce the risk of stockouts.

  • Traceability QR for container tracking

It makes it easy to track containers, ensuring that each one is reused and managed correctly. This traceability system guarantees that containers are used responsibly and sustainably.

Transform your operation with efficiency and sustainability

The Refill Media Machine is more than a tool; is a comprehensive solution to improve the management of cleaning products with a sustainable approach. By integrating it into your operation, you not only optimize efficiency, but also contribute to a circular economy model, reducing waste and promoting reuse.

Interested in integrating this technology into your operation?

Connect with us to learn more and discover how to transform your value chain into a circular model. Together, we can lead the way to a cleaner, more sustainable future!