Privacy policies

EcoCarga is committed to protecting your privacy, we have created a Privacy Policy to inform users of the way in which the information you provide us within the site is collected and used. The name, email, physical address, telephone number and other information of our customers that may be required will only be used to answer questions about our products and services and to ship orders. EcoCarga will not sell or disseminate data to third parties. This information may be used internally and confidentially for statistics and to improve the products and services offered on our site.


Sending emails can be stopped at any time, you just have to unsubscribe from any of the emails we send.


A cookie is information that a certain website sends and that is saved in the user’s browser, allowing the website to know its activity and previous interaction. EcoCarga uses cookies in order to deliver a personalized experience on the website and in communications. sent to the registered email. You can disable the storage of cookies in the internet browser you are using.


EcoCarga uses Google Analytics to improve your experience on the site, collecting anonymous statistical information associated with user visits, this information will always be confidential.


To meet security objectives, EcoCarga has SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology that ensures both the authenticity of the site and the encryption of all the information that the user gives us. Every time the user enters the site and provides personal information, regardless of the geographic location where they are located, in order to purchase a product, the browser through which they execute the act connects to the site through the SSL protocol. which proves that the user is actually on the site and on our servers (which can be seen with the appearance of the HTTPS code in the browser’s address bar). This technology allows the user’s personal information, such as their name, address and bank card details, to be encrypted beforehand so that it cannot be read when traveling over the Internet. All SSL certificates are created for a particular server, on a specific domain, and for a verified business entity.