The reuse revolution in Chile

PAOLO MAZZA, CEO OF MERCADO CIRCULAR. A recent study by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation suggests that returnable packaging can offer significant environmental benefits and, once scaled up with the right approach, can compete with single-use packaging economically. The data provided by the study on the increased opportunities to reduce plastic pollution by implementing refill systems in reusable containers is shocking, especially in the case you consider that switching to reusable packaging instead of single-use packaging could reduce the total amount

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Chilean innovations that will be present at COP28

JAVIERA MATELUNA CUADRA 15 companies with innovative solutions were selected to travel to Dubai, where they will present the work the country has done to respond to the current climate crisis. This Thursday, November 30, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change COP28 begins. Chilean companies will participate in the event, all of which have been selected by ProChile. After a hard-fought process that included 63 applications, 15 initiatives were finally selected, which stand out for developing innovative solutions to

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