Join the fight against single-use plastic pollution in Chile!

Participate in the public consultation until March 27 and contribute your opinions to build a more sustainable Chile.

With the aim of protecting our environment and reducing waste generation, the Ministry of the Environment (MMA) has recently approved the draft regulation of Law 21,368, also known as the Single-Use Plastics Law. This law seeks to limit the delivery of single-use plastic products and regulating disposable plastic bottles, in order to stop the negative impact that this waste has on our ecosystems.

In Chile, around 23 thousand tons of waste are generated each year from single-use plastics. Unfortunately, a significant part of this waste ends up polluting our seas, landfills, rivers, parks and public roads, affecting marine life and the natural environment.

That is why it is essential that we all participate in this process. The preliminary draft of the regulations will be in public consultation until March 27, giving all interested parties the opportunity to inform themselves and contribute with their opinions and observations.

How can you participate? It is easy. You can enter the following link:

Your voice is important! Join this initiative to build together a cleaner and more sustainable future for Chile. Participate and make a difference.