Caja Los Héroes affiliates will be able to save on detergent refills

To expand the benefits aimed at its members, Caja de Compensación Los Héroes sealed an alliance with the Chilean startup Mercado Circular and will have special discounts on refilling liquid detergent, with biodegradable certification, through dispensing machines installed in two branches of the Metropolitan Region: Maipú and Puente Alto. Along these lines, during August the three-liter container will be delivered free of charge to affiliates who are loading for the first time, who will be able to access the product for a special price of $4,990. Likewise, retired members will have a special price of $3,490 and those who use their Los Héroes Prepaid Account will opt for an even lower cost of $2,990 and up to two recharges each month. “At Los Héroes we are always thinking about how to amplify our benefits, so that they are a contribution to the pockets of our members. In this case, we add to the savings the circular economy, reuse, the commitment to sustainability and the reduction of single-use plastics. For this alliance with Mercado Circular we chose two relevant branches, with high circulation of people,” stated the Manager of Customers, Products and Benefits, Valeska Barrera. This new alliance with Caja los Héroes is part of Mercado Circular’s expansion strategy, to “eliminate all single-use plastic packaging from the basic consumer basket of household cleaning products, unnecessary in the supply chain and of course, to bring customers the option of sustainable consumption, without additional costs and without sacrificing quality, in an environmentally conscious manner,” highlights Carolina Carrera, Marketing Manager of Mercado Circular. Thanks to this process that eliminates packaging, transportation costs, storage, palletizing and packaging, products are up to 50% cheaper than traditional channels. On average, a family can save $135,000 a year by purchasing at the Mercado Circular EcoCarga stations and 137,646 families have joined the model, which has allowed the saving of 1,219,929 containers, which is equivalent to 195 tons of plastic per year. only use. This new Caja Los Héroes benefit will be extended until December 2023. The general public will also be able to access this innovation at the Maipú and Puente Alto branches, considering the cost of $5,500 per refill and $1,500 for the value of the container.

Source: Caja Los Héroes