Change your value chain to a circular model

We are a tech company expert in reuse solutions through software and refill machines.

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Welcome to the new era,
make your company circular and profitable

Change your linear model

to the circular model

We redesign the product value chain to generate savings and minimize waste.

Different needs, personalized solutions

We offer various services to help you incorporate reuse solutions in your value proposal for your clients.

Circular consulting

Advice on how to transform the value chain of your product towards a circular economy model.

Customized refill machines

Design of refill machines to access products in a sustainable refill format in reusable containers, with a friendly experience for the consumer.

Circular technology

Software design that allows companies sustainable product traceability, packaging, monitoring and control of the machine in real time, operates remotely.

Reuse pilots

Consulting, design and construction of machines, operation, supervision, and learning.

Understanding consumer habits

Consumer understanding, purchasing frequency habits, machine use experience, product portfolio.

Machine operation

Maintenance, operation, quality control.

Reach different distribution channels
with a circular and profitable proposal

A new type of company is possible, regardless of the sector or system

Specialty Stores
Generation of refill experience
Sustainable proposals on the expected shopping trip
Shopping Malls
Mall traffic, new points of contact
Benefits Administrator
City Hall / Institutional
High traffic
Residential complex
Neighborhood Stores
Delivery with returnability
Last Mille
Last Mille

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Sustainable economy in supermarkets

This model prioritizes the reuse of materials, recycling and offers benefits for the planet and people. In the 6 years that Mercado Circular has been operating, more than 1 million 375,000 containers have been reused. It means that when you reuse, you are basically stopping producing those 1 million 375,000

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Recycling, one of the key strategies to mitigate the human impact on the planet In a world where environmental preservation has become imperative, recycling emerges as one of the key strategies to mitigate human impact on the planet. We are often faced with the question: “What products can I recycle?”

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Reusing makes the world go round

Let's work together in the creation of your new business model

Reusing makes the world go round

Let's work together in the creation of your new business model

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